Series2See is a system that is aimed at suggesting which series you might like

By letting it know what series you love(d) to watch and how you feel about certain genres a list of recommended series can be generated for you. When you visit the page of a series you like comparable series are shown. And when you find a member that has a comparable taste for good TV, S2S can hint at what might be of interest for you...
The entire site is focussed on trying to help you find what you might have been missing out on when it comes to good TV-series.

Series2See is about the strength of community

The profiles of series which are used to form suggestions are completely constructed based upon what you, the user adds as info about it. The rating, the genres which were attributed, the reviews that were written, the users that like it, ... It's all used to construct an information profile for a series, which can then be linked to other series.
New series are also automatically added to the database when a user searches it and can't find an existing entry (we thank the good people of The TV DB for making that possible).
The more users participate and share their opinions, the better the system gets.